Garden State Car Wash is a Castrol Premium Oil & Lube Express Facility

Castrol GTX

TriShield™ is a unique triple-action technology that attracts, captures and disperses particles that can build up in engines and causes sludge build-up.

TriShield stops small particles from becoming big problems, and protects the car you rely on. This innovative technology uses a polymer that contains two chemical hooks that attract and capture both sludge and soot in a single molecule, helping to prevent particles from building up. With TriShield Technology, Castrol has improved the potency and protection that GTX provides.


New! Castrol GTX MAGNATEC®, a leading Castrol engine oil brand, is now available in the US. It has helped drivers to protect their engines for almost 20 years by delivering instant protection from the moment of start.

The intelligent molecules in Castrol GTX MAGNATEC are specially formulated to cling to critical engine parts and to dramatically reduce engine wear.

Castrol GTX High Mileage

Conventional oils may not do enough to protect high-mileage vehicles. As the miles add up, Castrol® GTX® High Mileage helps extend engine life by addressing the key problems that may impact your vehicle.

As an engine gets older, gaskets become brittle, seals deteriorate and oil burns faster. Castrol GTX High Mileage with TriShield™ Technology helps extend engine life by providing superior protection against sludge build up.

Castrol Edge Synthetic

Engine oils need to be able to constantly respond to the ever-changing environments in your engine.

Every second of the drive your engine oil needs to be able to react to the needs of different metal-to-metal contact points in your engine each with different demands, pressures and temperatures. Castrol EDGE provides the highest level of protection for critical engine parts helping your car to perform at its maximum.

Castrol Edge Extended Performance

Castrol EDGE Extended Performance with Titanium FST provides unsurpassed protection for critical engine parts, ensuring optimal performance - with the strength to enable an extended drain interval of up to 15,000 miles.

Independent testing has proven EDGE Extended Performance stronger than Mobil 1 Extended Performance against viscosity breakdown - the ultimate test of strength.*

Maintenance Services

Let our trained mechanics service all of your car's auto repair needs including but not limited to:
  • Brakes
  • Tune-Ups
  • CV Axles
  • Muffler & Exhaust
  • Radiator Services
  • Timing Belts
  • All Dealer Maintenance
  • Hub Bearings
  • etc.
Light Bulb Replacement
Windshield Wiper Replacement
Headlight Replacement
Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Regular replacement of your cabin air filter can reduce the amount pollen, dust, dirt and other airborne allergens that flow through your air system and into your car.
Engine Air Filter Replacement
starting at $14.99
Fuel Filter Replacement
starting at $59.99
Fuel System Cleaning
Automatic Transmission Drain and fill
Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange
Differential Service
Manual Transmission Service
Radiator Antifreeze Coolant Service
Tire Rotation Service
Transfer Case Service
A/C Evacuation and Recharge
Battery Replacement
starting at $89.99
Battery Terminal Cleaning

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